2017 Official Race Results


1st Place Speed     -Thad Davis/Team Skunk Works-Wichita, KS

2nd Place Speed   -Trea Purdy/Purdy Bros. Racing-Muscatine, IA

3rd Place Speed   -Donald Holladay/Holladay Racing-Blue Grass, IA

1st Place Art         -Steve Truitt/Boot Hill Delivery-Muscatine, IA

Kids’ Choice         -Troy “Stinky” Philpott/Zombie Squad-Muscatine, IA

Directors’ Choice -Brian Stineman/Public Works Tonka Truck-Muscatine, IA


2017 Official Times:


Congratulations to all who participated in the 2017 Muscatine Soapbox Derby. Every car was an example of hard work and fine craftsmanship. We hope you had as much fun as we did.




Below are the official race results for the 2016 Muscatine Adult Soapbox Derby



 1st Place Speed – Bill Reimers of Muscatine driving the #18 car built by Thad Davis.
2nd Place Speed – #19 Thad Davis of Wichita, KS.
Best of Show – Speed Division – #13 Troy “Stinky” Philpott of Muscatine.
Best of Show – Art Division – #27 Thad Burkamper of Muscatine.
Judge’s Choice – #01 Trent Brendel of Muscatine.
Team Spirit Award – #2 John Hagerty of Muscatine
Director’s Choice – #12 Tyler Hansen of Muscatine.

2016 Official  Times:



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